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Nike Snow JamNike Snow Jam
February 22, 2012 - Nike is kicking off the new year in China by hosting a series of Nike Snow Jams. The three stop tour will be hosted at Nike Nanshan Park, Beidahu Snowboard Park, and Baiqingzhai Snowboard Park to find China’s best snowboarders. Top qualifiers will then be able to compete in the finals alongside with seven invited snowboarders. "Nike in China continues to sponsor grassroots events in China’s growing sports market and the sports giant is helping to get snowboarding in China off the ground". -G.W.

Shaun White Hosts Second Air & Style Competition In BeijingShaun White Hosts Second Air & Style Competition In Beijing
December 7, 2011 - This event invited some of the best riders from around the world such as Sebastian Toutant and Torstein Horgmo to show off snowboarding in China. 24 of the world’s best snowboarders competed against each other inside the Olympic stadium. In the end, it was Ulrik Badertscher who took the first place. -G.W.

Shaun White and Oakley Teams Up To Revolutionize Snowboarding in China 肖恩怀特和Oakley团队在中国具有革命性意义的滑雪板Shaun White and Oakley Teams Up To Revolutionize Snowboarding in China 肖恩怀特和Oakley团队在中国具有革命性意义的滑雪板

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就在去年,Oakley和肖恩怀特合作,把全球滑雪板事件在中国被称为肖恩怀特航空风格。此事件已帮助制定和带出的在中国的滑雪板文化,邀请一些来自其他国家以及中国最优秀的人才。据Oakley的首席执行官科林 - 巴登,,“中国已经在世界最大,增长最快的的中产阶级的人口统计资料,和中国青年之一,目前正在经历一场文化革命。”随着第二肖恩怀特空气和风格在未来从十二月开始,事件必将有助于使滑雪板到一个全新的文化的令人兴奋。您的广告放置在这里。联系

Just last year, Oakley and Shaun White teamed up to put on a global snowboard event in China called the Shaun White Air & Style. This event has helped develop and bring out the snowboard culture in China by inviting some of the best talent from other countries as well as China. According to Colin Baden, CEO of Oakley, “China has one of the largest and fastest-growing middle class demographics in the world, and Chinese youth are currently experiencing a cultural revolution.” With the second Shaun White Air & Style coming up in the beginning of December, the event will surely help bring the excitements of snowboarding to a whole new culture. -G.W.
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就在去年,Oakley和肖恩懷特合作,把全球滑雪板事件在中國被稱為肖恩懷特航空風格。此事件已幫助制定和帶出的在中國的滑雪板文化,邀請一些來自其他國家以及中國最優秀的人才。據 Oakley的首席執行官科林 - 巴登,,“中國已經在世界最大,增長最快的的中產階級的人口統計資料,和中國青年之一,目前正在經歷一場文化革命。”隨著第二肖恩懷特空氣和風格在未來從十二月開始,事件必將有助於使滑雪板到一個全新的文化的令人興奮。您的廣告放置在這裡。聯繫

China... The New Snowboard FrontierChina... The New Snowboard Frontier

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China's ski and snowboard resorts are becoming very popular. The best snowboard terrain park in China, called Nike 6.0 Nashan Park, hosts a snowboard slopestyle event known as the Red Bull Nanshan Open. China also offers more than 200 ski resorts such as the Yabuli Sun Mountain Resort.
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中國的滑雪和滑雪板度假村變得非常流行。紅牛南山公開賽中國最好的滑雪板在地形公園,名為 Nike6.0南山公園,承載了滑雪板slopestyle事件。中國還提供超過200個滑雪勝地亞布力太陽山度假村等。