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Mountain Creek, WhatMountain Creek, What's Happening? Saturday, Sunday Late February 2011
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Spend 3 minutes at Mountain Creek with us and discover the secret halfpipe! Construction on the new base lodge for the Vernon Main base begins in March 2011. Let's ride the Terrain Park at South after dark, and find the runs you can have all to yourself. You can squeeze five solid hours of riding in without getting up early, missing work, or staying out late! After riding we hit the Vernon Diner and Pancake House, down past the South base in Mcafee for chicken marsala, a huge portion. We skip the fried oreos dessert. There's snow tubing at Mountain Creek too. Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

US Open of Snowboarding 2011 Schedule & 2010 Interviews, Scotty Lago, Peetu Piiroinen, Kazu, and more.US Open of Snowboarding 2011 Schedule & 2010 Interviews, Scotty Lago, Peetu Piiroinen, Kazu, and more.
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The Burton US Open 2011 of snowboarding goes down starting Monday March 6 and culminates on Friday March 11 with the Slopestyle Competition and Saturday for the Halfpipe Comp. Friday night at 6 the Rail Jam practice starts AT THE MAIN STRATTON BASE NOT THE SUNBOWL with the main event from 7:15- 8:45. 9 to 10 after awards there will be an outdoor show at the Main base. The last time we partied at the main base at the Open it was for the Big Air Competitions like in 2007. See what fun we had at the 2007 US Open. I believe that was the first one Shaun White won and there was a super party that night that you'll see here.

Details on the 2011 US Open here .

Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam Short Reel, Mountain Creek, 1/8/.2011 Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam Short Reel, Mountain Creek, 1/8/.2011
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3rd Rail Jam by Under Armour made its 2nd stop of the 8 stop 2011 tour at Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ on January 8 2011. 150 snowboarders and skiers entered this event which lasted for an unprecedented 4 hours of action and fun on the urban style rail setup created after intense hours of work by Jiblab and the Mountain Creek Park Crew. Sketchy D makes a cameo appearance on his home turf as a judge of the competition. This video is the short reel, see the longer versions for the full interviews with Top DJ Image of the Bum Squad. Also in the longer version Kevin Whitehead of Outkast Sports in Vernon tells us why the kids flock to this rail jam. Jesse, Chet from the Park Crew, and John Hansen from Jiblab tell us about the rail setup.

Meet Danno and his hat hustle along with happy customers of Ugly Hat. Meet: last year's winner and a local favorite Timmy Kempson and his Dad Grover Tim. Tom Weiss gives us a shout out and a big smile.

Meet the Hip Hop artist who has UFO as his a.k.a. and Split Personality, Rail warriors Cam Terrafranca, Chris and Chris all a little worse for wear and banged up from today's action and accidents. Thank goodness Chris Solimini was up and walking after his spectacular crash on the bus shelter that stopped the rail jam and had everyone praying for him and sending good energy.

In the longer video he tells us why he thinks the accident happened and how it could have been avoided. Raekwon performs as well as DJ Image, And NYCE and Reckless wrap up the late show. See the Killington stop of the Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam from January 1, 2011 here and on SnowboardSecrets.TV. See the longer reels of Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam at Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Killington - WhatKillington - What's New at Killington, Jan. 2011
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The Superpipe at Bear Mountain, Killington, VT is being built before our eyes. Yesterday it wasn't even a halfpipe, just a little pile of snow. Today on January 2, 2011 the right wall is steep and taking shape. Meanwhile, TWO new coffee places opened 3 weeks ago. One is the Vista View Deck, trailside on Great Eastern, and the other is Liquid Art on the Killington Road. We predict that both will be big winners! Video by Lauren Traub Teton for SnowboardNEWS.TV.

Sugarloaf Chairlift Cable Falls off Tower December 28, 2010Sugarloaf Chairlift Cable Falls off Tower December 28, 2010
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Good Morning America on ABC News brings us this video about the chairlift accident that sent 8 people to the hospital on December 28, 2010 Read the latest update of the details that preceded the accident and what occurred here.

2 Die on Wyoming Slopes after Deadly Collision on Christmas Eve2 Die on Wyoming Slopes after Deadly Collision on Christmas Eve
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ABC News reports - In a tragic Christmas Eve event that could generate new awareness around the importance of ski and snowboard safety, 5-year-old Elsie Johnson and 23-year-old Craig Shirley died after a collision on the slopes at Hogadon Ski Area in Casper, more... Accompanying video is generic about reckless skiing and snowboarding and not specifically about this collision.