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Rent Your Own Snow Resort! Starting at $12 per Person!Rent Your Own Snow Resort! Starting at $12 per Person!
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Liftopia is an online marketplace where customers can get up to 80 percent discounts off of lift tickets at their favorite local resorts. Just recently, deals have been added where big groups can rent out a ski resort for an entire day in the New York and New England regions for as little as $12 a person. Ski resorts that are available for rental include: Plattekill Mountain Resort, Mt. Abram, Whaleback Mountain, and Camden Snow Bowl. Liftopia is a robust online ski and mountain resort activity marketplace, offering the largest source of advance purchase ski lift ticket deals online in addition to rentals, lessons, dining and other mountain-related activities and products with deals at more than 150 resorts across North America. -G.W.

Shaun White and Oakley Teams Up To Revolutionize Snowboarding in China 肖恩怀特和Oakley团队在中国具有革命性意义的滑雪板Shaun White and Oakley Teams Up To Revolutionize Snowboarding in China 肖恩怀特和Oakley团队在中国具有革命性意义的滑雪板
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就在去年,Oakley和肖恩怀特合作,把全球滑雪板事件在中国被称为肖恩怀特航空风格。此事件已帮助制定和带出的在中国的滑雪板文化,邀请一些来自其他国家以及中国最优秀的人才。据Oakley的首席执行官科林 - 巴登,,“中国已经在世界最大,增长最快的的中产阶级的人口统计资料,和中国青年之一,目前正在经历一场文化革命。”随着第二肖恩怀特空气和风格在未来从十二月开始,事件必将有助于使滑雪板到一个全新的文化的令人兴奋。您的广告放置在这里。联系

Just last year, Oakley and Shaun White teamed up to put on a global snowboard event in China called the Shaun White Air & Style. This event has helped develop and bring out the snowboard culture in China by inviting some of the best talent from other countries as well as China. According to Colin Baden, CEO of Oakley, “China has one of the largest and fastest-growing middle class demographics in the world, and Chinese youth are currently experiencing a cultural revolution.” With the second Shaun White Air & Style coming up in the beginning of December, the event will surely help bring the excitements of snowboarding to a whole new culture. -G.W.
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就在去年,Oakley和肖恩懷特合作,把全球滑雪板事件在中國被稱為肖恩懷特航空風格。此事件已幫助制定和帶出的在中國的滑雪板文化,邀請一些來自其他國家以及中國最優秀的人才。據 Oakley的首席執行官科林 - 巴登,,“中國已經在世界最大,增長最快的的中產階級的人口統計資料,和中國青年之一,目前正在經歷一場文化革命。”隨著第二肖恩懷特空氣和風格在未來從十二月開始,事件必將有助於使滑雪板到一個全新的文化的令人興奮。您的廣告放置在這裡。聯繫

China... The New Snowboard FrontierChina... The New Snowboard Frontier
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China's ski and snowboard resorts are becoming very popular. The best snowboard terrain park in China, called Nike 6.0 Nashan Park, hosts a snowboard slopestyle event known as the Red Bull Nanshan Open. China also offers more than 200 ski resorts such as the Yabuli Sun Mountain Resort.
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中國的滑雪和滑雪板度假村變得非常流行。紅牛南山公開賽中國最好的滑雪板在地形公園,名為 Nike6.0南山公園,承載了滑雪板slopestyle事件。中國還提供超過200個滑雪勝地亞布力太陽山度假村等。


Unclaimed Baggage Center Hosts 30th Annual Winter & Ski EventUnclaimed Baggage Center Hosts 30th Annual Winter & Ski Event
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The Unclaimed Baggage Center, located in Alabama, is hosting their 30th annual Winter and Ski Event on November 5th. This sale attracts winter sport enthusiasts from all over the nation who go there for the bargains and steals. Since this is the only store where all unclaimed baggage is brought to, one will never know what to expect walking in. Just last year, approximately 5,000 shoppers showed up from 35 different states to take advantage of the deals on “high-quality, name-brand winter sports equipment and clothing”. With that much said this highly anticipated event is sure to bring in even more winter sport enthusiasts this year who are hoping to find the right gear at a fraction of the price. -G.W.

Downtown Throwdown in San Fran and LG World Snowboarding Cup in London bring Snowboarding to the CityDowntown Throwdown in San Fran and LG World Snowboarding Cup in London bring Snowboarding to the City
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Snowboarding is no longer just a sport for the ski resorts; it is now on the streets. The streets of big cities such as San Francisco and London are now starting to witness the gnarliness of snowboarding. Snowboard companies Lib Tech and Snowboy Productions are hosting a rail jam to bring the snowboard atmosphere to the streets of San Francisco. With $10,000 in prizes, music, food, and raffles, the event is sure to pump people up about the world of snowboarding. Across the Atlantic Ocean, London is hoping to do the same. The Relentless Freeze Festival to Battersea Power Station London is bringing a ski and snowboard event to let non snowboarders and skiers experience the lifestyle. Like the event in San Francisco, the Relentless Freeze Festival will bring the snowboard atmosphere to the streets with music, food, and lots of steeze with their 100 meter long jump. Snowboarders and skiers are expected to wow the crowd with “a full blown trick off where we can guarantee to see the sickest tricks in the world”. To read more on The Relentless Freeze Festival in London, follow this link: - G.W.

Carinthia Terrain Park of Mount Snow Steps Up With New Park ManagerCarinthia Terrain Park of Mount Snow Steps Up With New Park Manager
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Carinthia of Mount Snow is one of the biggest terrain park systems on the East coast and now, they are taking it to the next level by hiring Day Franzen. Raised in Virginia, Franzen is a well known terrain park designer who has worked at big resorts such as Kingvale in Lake Tahoe. Although he’s got big shoes to fill, he’s confident that this opportunity will allow him to “continue that progression” set by previous terrain park managers and “continue doing the great things our guests have come to expect.” With the addition of a new terrain park manager, Mount Snow hopes to keep their spot as the number one park in the East.

Backcountry Slayer John Jackson Makes Team SwitchBackcountry Slayer John Jackson Makes Team Switch
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The backcountry superstar and Snowboarder Magazine's two-time Rider of the Year, John Jackson, has recently switched from riding for Forum to Burton. Although the two companies are very similar in that they are essentially Burton, Jackson no longer rides with the same park shredders. He is now expanding his horizons in the backcountry where he ultimately dominates. When asked about his thoughts on the team switch, he believes that Burton will open many new windows of opportunity for him by doing exactly what he loves, “chasing snow and shredding”. -G.W.

Utah Claims Top Spots as Best Ski ResortsUtah Claims Top Spots as Best Ski Resorts
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UTAH – Utah ski resorts dominate as the country’s top resorts according to 2011 SKI Magazine’s reader survey. Deer Valley has been names the number one ski resort for the fifth year in a row followed closely by other ski and snowboard paradises such as Park City at number six and Canyons Resort at sixteen. The reason why Utah ski resorts are ranked amongst some of the best resorts in the country is their ability to “enhance [their] natural strengths”. Utah, having access to the “greatest snow on earth” makes them a strong competitor in the ski resort industry. -G.W.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Live the Whistler DreamOnce in a Lifetime Opportunity to Live the Whistler Dream
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Whistler B.C. – Whistler is one of North America’s most prestigious ski resorts and for this upcoming season, Whistler is offering a once in a lifetime experience for all snowboarders and skiers. The marketers of Whistler have come up with an ultimate prize package called the Whistler Sabbatical Project. All contestants have to do is visit Whistler’s website once a week, check out the unique experiences that Whistler has to offer, and answer if they would do it. The lucky winner will receive: “One month in Whistler. Expenses paid. Airfare, accommodation, lift passes, ski/ snowboard equipment, plus a series of extraordinary experiences.” Also, knowing that most people can’t leave their jobs and escape to Whistler for a month, they are adding a salary for the winner to compensate for taking time off from work. -G.W.

Gretchen Bleiler and Louie Vito Pose Nude for ESPN MagGretchen Bleiler and Louie Vito Pose Nude for ESPN Mag
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ESPN- Gretchen Bleiler posed nude once again along with pro snowboarder Louie Vito. We've all seen the beautiful pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler pose nude in various magazines in the past, and now she has made it on the cover of ESPN's Body Issue magazine. Although she has posed nude for an ESPN cover in the past, this experience has been a very different one compared to her previous magazine shoots. In an interview with ESPN, Bleiler explains that she used to feel pressured to pose nude in the past and was portrayed in a way that she was not happy with. However, this time was a very comfortable experience for her in that she feels like she is portraying exactly who she is: “badass and dangerous”. In her words, "I wanted to do the body issue because it's about power and strength.” Along with Bleiler, Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito also posed nude for the same issue of ESPN’s Body magazine which she was very happy about. That being said, she is very grateful to pose among some of the top athletes in the world in a setting that’s not about being “sexy” but how strong and powerful they are.